Montana Rockworks is located in Kalispell, Montana, just a stone’s throw from Glacier National Park, in the northwestern corner of the state. Rockworks is the largest supplier of architectural and landscape stone in the region. The company quarries the stone, right here in the Montana Rockies.

Owners Brad Mercord and Bill Carter founded Montana Rockworks, nearly a decade ago, when Brad’s thriving specialty-stone landscaping firm one day outpaced production capabilities at the local quarry, in the middle of an upscale project. In response, Brad and Bill bought the local quarry, upgraded it and got the job done; a habit of theirs. Brad, Bill and the team at Montana Rockworks quickly went on to be awarded as “Entrepreneurs of the Year” by the Montana SBA, in 2000, for their phenomenal success in the stone industry. With Bill and Brad meeting, personally, with clients interested in Montana Rockworks’ products and offering their industry expertise, Montana Rockworks quickly grew from meeting local demands for superior stone, to meeting international requests for a variety of projects. Today, Rockworks is continuing to revolutionize, elevate and expand the landscape and architectural stone industry.

Bill Carter & Brad Mercord

Homeowners, architects, landscape firms and designers, throughout North America, are using stone from Montana Rockworks as their building and landscaping material of choice. Rockworks has supplied stone for luxurious homes, mountaintop lodges, corporate getaways, museums, commercial centers and art projects nationwide.

Stone is not all that is offered at Montana Rockworks, there is also a long history of rock solid reliability. Rockworks has focused on cultivating loyal, long-term relationships with clients over the years, supplying them with the stone they need. In addition, Montana Rockworks is connected to a national network of quarries, providing business partners with essential stone.

For over a decade, Montana Rockworks has supplied clients with the oldest and most beautiful stone in the industry; stone that is found only here in Rockworks’, Montana quarries. Montana Rockworks’ Chief Cliff Series, which includes McGregor Lake, Castlerock and Moose Mountain, is a regional argillite stone and is growing in popularity, nationwide. If building with stone provides a sense of permanence, then building with billion-year-old stone is eternal.

The Montana Rockworks Team

Whether the look desired is the coveted “Mountain Mystique” or European Chalet; “Parkitecture” or Contemporary Asian influenced, Montana Rockworks will supply the project with superior stone quality, when needed and wherever the project may be. For masonry veneers, interior flooring, patio stone, landscape features, architectural accents or design focal points, Montana Rockworks offers unparalleled stone.

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